Genus Healthcare Solution has been a part of the US & Indian healthcare industry circuit solidifying its position now for close to two decades.

We are emerging as a competent contender in (BPM) Business Process Management offering services in verticals like Medical Billing, Coding et al; designing tailored solutions and serving some leading and well-known healthcare companies in the US including pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare institutions.

Our outlook and goals are shaped by what we’ve observed in our day-to-day experience including a dearth of good talent and challenges faced by various verticals in healthcare industry.

While offering various solutions, we’ve combined our knowledge of healthcare industry and Business Process Management (BPM) with technology; creating solutions based on best industrial practices, and ensuring best talent within India at your service.

We offer three types of services through this website. Facilitate Training to candidates interested in pursuing career that will help them find employment opportunities in select verticals in healthcare industries worldwide; suitable Recruitment & Placement of trained individuals (Currently in India only); and Outsourcing Medical Billing & Coding services to clinics, pharmacy companies, & hospitals worldwide through our robust framework of buying ativan, specialists, and experts. We’re also equipped to provide customised services & solutions to meet specific requirements like large BPO projects etc.

To deliver high standard training and meet outsource demands we use the most relevant infrastructure, high-end software & adipex pill, client centric approach, expert MTs, QAs, Coders and Billing Execs rendering 24 x 7 end to end solutions in varied spheres of medical care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide industry oriented trained resources keeping in view the current and future scenario through easily accessible flexible learning mode. We wish to epitomise quality and perfection through constant R&D and keep the medical coding and RCM industry in India ahead of changing times.

Our Mission

At Genus Healthcare, we believe that adding value for our clients is the fundamental driver of our business. For us, "Client first" is not simply a tag line - It Is the core of our business. Specifically, it must be self-evident that our contribution to our clients' business exceeds the cost of our services.


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