Whether you are a multi-speciality hospital, general clinic, or hospital chain; you can delegate (outsource) your medical billing, coding, insurance verification, and medical transcription jobs to us and save between 40% & 60% cost. We have successfully served a wide range of clientele comprising multiple specialties viz. ophthalmology, radiology, critical care, anaesthesiology, cardiology, endocrinology, emergency surgery, microbiology, pulmonary, obstetrics and
gynaecology, neurology, general surgery and gastroenterology, etc.

When you hire our staff to deliver the job, you save on hardware, software, and infrastructure expenses required to set up office for staff (work-stations, phones, computers amongst other office machineries); you are protected against uncertainties arising from staff turnover, training new staff, billing errors; plus employee benefits is not your concern; our accountable and qualified staff ensures there are fewer claim rejections, faster reimbursements of claims, steady cash flow etc.

Advantages of hiring us as outsource agent are as follows:

Fewer Claim Rejections & Denials: Majority of claims rejected are due to lapses in coding or wrong data feeding which we can help you to avoid and minimize as our staff employed for billing and coding is highly skilled and proficient.

Accurate & Regular Updates: Our team not only ensures that each claim is submitted as per norms to avoid rejection of the same, but we also keep our clients up to date vis-à-vis status of all the claims filed on their behalf, by sharing detailed reports with them that we file on day-to-day, weekly, and monthly basis by sending progressive reports at pre-decided order phentermine tablets. Our report format contains details regarding productivity, procedure code analysis, projections, pending issues etc.

Systematic & Process Driven: Our company follows a systematic approach that covers aspects such as Charge Entry, Claims Submission, Insurance Eligibility Verification, Patient Demographic Entry, Follow-up of Accounts Receivables, Entering Payment, Denial Analysis, Accounts Receivables Report etc based on requirement of the company hiring our outsource services.

Tailored Solutions: We are experienced and at ease while creating customized mdical billing and coding systems and solutions to suit your outfit’s peculiar requirements.