Medical Transcription/Scribing

Healthcare reforms and an aging population in USA have created a huge demand for trained medical transcriptionists to document patient records including diagnoses, treatments, procedures and tests.

Physicians depend on Medical transcriptionists to produce finished medical reports using accurate terminology. Medical transcriptionists often work independently, transcribing reports from home. Trained transcriptionists are employed in offices across India to cater to physician offices, imaging departments, hospitals, community clinics and emergency facilities. Training is the key to success.


Introduction to Medical Transcription


The process in which an Audio file that is recorded by the doctor during the time of surgery is converted into a text format is called Medical Transcription


Flow process

  1. Doctor performs a surgery and speaks on a dicta phone. (Small tape recorder device)

  2. This file is then sent to the Medical transcription company

  3. Once received the Medical transcription company then listens to the audio file and types it to a text

  4. This file is then either uploaded directly onto the physician's EHR (using HIPAA compliant server) or is pasted onto desired FTP's.

  5. This file is then also sent to the coding department, which then codes all the procedures performed including the diagnosis of the patient.



Quality Assurance and shortest Turn-around time


We understand the importance of excellent quality, accuracy and high confidentiality involved in the Medical coding profession. We have successfully undertaken various Medical Transcription and Medical Scribing projects from hospitals and physician practices in the US with highest level of customer satisfaction. To us, “Client first” is not just a phrase but we put in all our efforts to work according to the client guidelines with simultaneously maintaining 100% accuracy and Turn-around time for the patients’ reports.

Genus Healthcare Solution covers all verticals like medical coding, billing, summarization and medical transcription along with providing training and placements (T&Ps) for leading firms. We have a team of highly dedicated, trained and well qualified individuals who are self-driven and provide the best quality work in the shortest time.

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